About Metalbird

Metal birds are trendy birds for in your garden. Just a couple of hits with the hammer is enough to attach the bird to a tree, wooden fence or window sill.

Rust-like colour
The birds are made of weathering steel, which is a type of metal that develops a stable rust-like colour when exposed to the weather.

Henk and Phil
The birds originate from Auckland, New Zealand, where they sprung from the mind of designer Phil Walters. Phil was a fan of Banksy, an English artist who makes graffiti art. His graffiti works inspired Phil to also create something that would make the world a little nicer. He made 40 birds of weathering steel and gave them a home in North Island, New Zealand. Passers-by liked the idea so much that wanted to buy their own birds, so Phil decided to produce more metal birds and sell them. That is how Metalbird was created.

Henk Lakeman from Amsterdam saw the metal birds when he visited his friend Phil in New Zealand. Henk is a furniture maker experienced with woodwork and metalwork. He decided to produce and sell the Metalbirds in the Netherlands.

Which metal bird will feel at home with you?
Metal birds come in various types: pigeon, kingfisher, blackbird, robin, woodpecker, owl, wren and magpie. If you are looking for a more exotic bird, you might be interested in the kookaburra, the Australian magpie or the beautiful fantail. Click here to see our bird silhouettes.

Metal bird in the mailbox
The metalbirds come wrapped in a great looking giftbox. The package fits in the mailbox, so you don’t have to stay at home and wait for a parcel. Don’t forget to add the giftbox to your cart, it is free.

You can also send the birds as presents to friends or relatives.