Hummingbirds belong to the apodiformes family. This family has more than 300 species. Most species are found in South America.

Did you know that…

The hummingbird can hover in mid-air! This is caused by the very rapid wingbeat, some 15 to 80 strokes per second. This rapid wingbeat makes the hummingbird the only bird than can also fly backward. They can even fly straight up en down. The ‘helicopter’ among birds.

This way of flying costs a lot of energy which is supplied by the sugars in the flowers’ nectar.

A nice spot for your hummingbird 

This cute little birdie goes anywhere, actually. It’s also fun to attach it to a piece of wood or trunk which you then put on the ground.

What material is the bird made of?

This hummingbird is made of cortenstaal which gives it a nice corrode layer when kept outside – which is why all the storms, rain and wind will only make your silhouette hummingbird all the more beautiful.

What is the delivery time?

Delivery time in the Netherlands is two to three business days. Shipment outside the Netherlands can get up to 5 working days.