This Australian kookaburra makes our hearts melt. It can reach a size of half a metre and you may see it in forests or parks. Its call has given it the nickname of ‘laughing bird’. But don’t let its cute appearance fool you: it’s a real carnivore and regularly devours finches and small reptiles. So it’s a little less cute than its appearance might indicate, but it’s still a magnificent bird to see.

The kookaburra lives in Australia, but now that Metalbird has set up shop in the Netherlands it can also be found in Dutch gardens, balconies and houses.

What is the best place for your kookaburra silhouette?

The kookaburra feels right at home in a big tree so that he can hide away until a prey comes by. Grab a hammer and a ladder and put the kookaburra silhouette on the tree trunk.

Fun fact

The Australian hockey team has the nickname of Kookaburras. When they became world champion in 2010, they had a good reason to laugh.

What is the kookaburra silhouette made of?

This kookaburra silhouette is made of weathering steel, which develops a nice rusty layer over time. Rain, wind, hail or snow: nothing matters because it only makes the kookaburra look better!
The kookaburra silhouette is 17 cm tall and 20 cm wide.

What are the shipment costs?

The standard shipment costs are € 3.95 per package in the Netherlands. The tariffs for shipment to Belgium, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden and Norway are in accordance with PostNL tariffs.

What is the delivery time?

Delivery time in the Netherlands is two to three business days. Shipment outside the Netherlands can get up to 5 working days.