The magpie is a noisy, nosy type. You can’t miss this close relative of the crow. It claps its wings and makes itself heard. Its Latin name is Pica Pica and that name is definitely earned. Magpies pick at everything they see. Usually it’s looking for food. It is an omnivore that doesn’t shirk away from eating small birds.

Did you know …

The magpie triggers people’s imagination. It is often depicted as a thief or bird of luck. Its black-and-white feathers are supposed to be a result from the anger of God when the magpie was ridiculing Jesus at the cross. We think it’s a nice story.

What is the best place for your magpie silhouette?

The magpie is a smart and beautiful bird. It loves shiny objects and stores them in its nest. The magpie will feel at home at a nice place in the garden, but it is also comfortable on a balcony. Tip: put the magpie near nice garden accessories. This curious bird will love it.

What material is the magpie silhouette made of?

This magpie silhouette is made of weathering steel. This material develops a nice rusty layer when exposed to the weather. So don’t be afraid that your magpie silhouette will fly off any time soon: it just gets prettier and prettier in the Dutch weather.
The size of the magpie is 29 cm tall en 20 cm wide.

What are the shipment costs?

The standard shipment costs are € 3.95 per package in the Netherlands. The tariffs for shipment to Belgium, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden and Norway are in accordance with PostNL tariffs.

What is the delivery time?

Delivery time in the Netherlands is two to three business days. Shipment outside the Netherlands can get up to 5 working days.