Do you hear it drumming away on the tree? It’s a woodpecker, probably looking for a meal of beetles under the bark. Or maybe it’s building a home to begin a family of woodpeckers.

Did you know …

Dendrocopos major loves soft wood. The bird is a real go-getter that conquers any obstacle utilising the power of repetition. Today you can find it even in the big city, where it hates its neighbour the rose-ringed parakeet.

A nice place for your woodpecker silhouette

We have good memories of the woodpecker. Maybe because it used to feature in so many cartoons. So it deserves a good place. A woodpecker without a tree isn’t really an option, so if you have a tree in your garden, put it in there. No tree? Don’t worry! It’s also a nice bird for a fence or the outer wall of a house!

What material is the woodpecker made of?

This woodpecker silhouette is made of weathering steel, which develops a nice layer of rust when exposed to the weather. The dreary Dutch weather makes the woodpecker even prettier. The size of our metal woodpecker is 29 cm tall and 15 cm wide.

What are the shipment costs?

The standard shipment costs are € 3.95 per package in the Netherlands. The tariffs for shipment to Belgium, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden and Norway are in accordance with PostNL tariffs.

What is the delivery time?

Delivery time in the Netherlands is two to three business days. Shipment outside the Netherlands can get up to 5 working days.