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The wren is a small, thick-set bird with sandy brown feathers and a tail that stands straight up. Its song is clear with shrill vibratos. It is about 9 to 10 centimetres tall and mainly eats insects and spiders. These little birds nest in parks and gardens, preferring hedges, shrubs and trees. They make up to three nests per year and have five to eight chicks.

Did you know…

The wren is the king of the birds. Long ago, when the birds organised a competition to determine who would be their king, the wren won cleverly. The birds decided that the bird who could fly highest would be king. The wren believed he didn’t stand a chance unless he came up with a trick. So he hid between the feathers of the eagle and when the eagle couldn’t fly any higher, the wren started his flight. Since then his tail is proudly pointing up.

What is the best place for the wren silhouette?

The wren feels at home anywhere. On a nice wooden block, near the pond, or in a tree. When you have selected the perfect spot, you just need a hammer and a ladder to put it there. You don’t have to do anything else to enjoy your new bird.

What is the wren silhouette made of?

This wren silhouette is made of weathering steel, which develops a nice rust-like colour when exposed to the weather. When a layer of rust has gathered on the tough troglodytes troglodytes steel, the wren almost has its original colour. The wren silhouette is 21 cm tall and 29 cm wide.

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